Diabetes Services Awarded MyData Operator 2021 Status

On 17 November 2021, Diabetes Services was awarded the status of MyData Operator 2021. The status is awarded to world-leading organisations working for human-centric approaches to personal data and data ecosystems designed to benefit and empower the data providers themselves. Diabetes Services has been a MyData Operator since 2020. Personal data is extremely valuable. For business purposes, general research, and [...]

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  • Support for secure sharing of diabetes data

Support for secure sharing of diabetes data

Scandinavia's largest diabetes clinic, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, and The Danish Diabetes Association support Diabetes Services' NGI funded project MyPCH which is a standardised solution for secure and fair sharing of diabetes data. Diabetes treatment is a complex puzzle in which many different pieces determine what is the correct dosage of medication in each case. Naturally, it varies from person [...]

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Sharing data is indispensable for success

Technology from self-monitoring devices like insulin pumps and cgm can contribute to a significantly better regulation of blood glucose by using a data-driven diabetes management approach. Unfortunately, the services today do not support the personal data rights of individuals regarding data portability and interoperability and they are far from being transparent. As a result, this new digital health data is [...]

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More data – better treatment

Continuous Glucose Monitoring In our experience, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) provides the best database for identifying patterns in blood glucose levels in relation to behaviour. Measurements every 5 minutes around the clock, it is possible to compare blood glucose fluctuations with other data collected during all hours of the day. If, for example, you track where you are using a [...]

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