Continuous Glucose Monitoring

In our experience, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) provides the best database for identifying patterns in blood glucose levels in relation to behaviour. Measurements every 5 minutes around the clock, it is possible to compare blood glucose fluctuations with other data collected during all hours of the day.

If, for example, you track where you are using a built-in GPS in your smartphone, it will be possible to see if your blood glucose is different when you are in school, at work, at home, or in the sports centre. It provides a unique insight into where blood glucose levels fluctuate the most and where to put your efforts to get a stable and healthy blood glucose.

Most diabetics test their blood glucose up to 5-12 times a day, and it does not provide the same opportunity to see what the blood glucose values are in between the testings. In comparison, CGM provides 12 testing results per hour equivalent to 288 testings per 24 hours – and without having to prick your finger.