Support for secure sharing of diabetes data

Scandinavia’s largest diabetes clinic, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, and The Danish Diabetes Association support Diabetes Services’ NGI funded project MyPCH which is a standardised solution for secure and fair sharing of diabetes data.

Diabetes treatment is a complex puzzle in which many different pieces determine what is the correct dosage of medication in each case. Naturally, it varies from person to person, but also from day to day and from hour to hour.

Fortunately, today there are technologies that can help people with diabetes self-monitor their condition. Each device delivers a piece to the puzzle, but both doctors and patients miss the full picture.

MyPCH securely puts the pieces together

Diabetes Services has initiated the MyPCH project which is funded by EU Horizon 2020 under NGI_TRUST. MyPCH will help put the pieces together from medical devices such as insulin pumps, sensors and blood glucose devices and later other data sources on diet and exercise.

The solution allows people with diabetes to share their personal data in a standardised way that is secure, fair and traceable. The important data will form part of an open ecosystem of new data-driven tools that can, among other things, help improve diabetes treatment by sharing data with healthcare professionals and researchers.

Support for the project

After being presented with a demo of the MyPCH project, head of research at The Danish Diabetes Association Tanja Thybo says:

“In The Danish Diabetes Association we see a great need for better data sharing and interoperability, and there are many interesting components in MyPCH. For example, watermarking of data, as well as opportunities for data to be used by researchers to get answers to questions that can politically advance the diabetes matter.”

Also the Chief Physician, MD Kirsten Nørgaard, Research Team Leader of Diabetes Technology at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, supports an open source solution:

“Open source is the future, and I generally support projects that enhance data protection in sharing diabetes data.”